Thursday, 2 August 2007

Japanese Sweeties in Oz

Reading Lottielulu's recent post, I was directed to an online business called Retro Mummy, who sell Japanese fabrics, linens and tapes, here in Australia! Yay Yay Yay I Say. I know many of you are very loyal to Superbuzzy and that is fine, but when we Aussies order a piece of deliciousness from them, our children do not eat for 15 days (I kid you not!), due to the lack of funds in the bank, once postage has been paid for, in order for the japanese fabric addiction to be satiated.

Now, my children can eat, as Retro Mummy has a small but I 'm sure growing list of very very cute fairy tale fabrics, linens of lambsies, hedgehogs (or maybe echidnas?), mushrooms and frogs. Tapes of owls, cats in Paris, strawberries galore!

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