Tuesday, 8 January 2008

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Please excuse the very fuzzy picture of New Year Eve over Melbourne city - just a little too much bubbly for me and the photographer, methinks!

I haven't posted for a while because I have been mesmerised by Jane Eyre - the latest BBC drama - Oh so good!
Probably my favourite romance of all time and this production has excelled in revealling its austerity and passion. The Cast are fantastic; OMG Rochester! Jane! played by Toby Stephens and Ruth Wilson. The music, the scenery, the tension, the passion- I can't rave enough!
Characters such as Aunt Reade, spitting out her hatred, even as she dies, was played brilliantly by Tara Fitzgerald.
I watched this 2 disc series so much I can almost recite the script - I think I need a rest. My family are starting to roll their eyes at me.

Day trip out to the country of Kyneton (1 hr and a bit drive northwest of Melbourne) - we picked a very hot day (aren't they all so far!) to go and explore this little dozy town - the best bit was discovering the river walk with the trees swaying - little piece of heaven.

This cluster of trees caught my eye - did someone plant them like this or are they a family?

Never really liked yellow and grey together, but if nature says yes, who am I to argue.

I loved this and promised to blog it! Everyone say Ahhh!

Oh, Loved this also! Book Seat for hubbie for Christmas - this made me laugh! I wonder what he is reading?

My gorgeous white aggies, and my gorgeous white Adirondack chair - love love

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