Sunday, 19 August 2007

DQS2 Calling my swap partner!

Hello out there DQS2 swappers!

- I haven't heard from my swap partner - have you received my pressie??
Please drop me a line - even if you can't stand looking at it - that's okay - just a quick message to let me know someone got the parcel sent from the other end of the earth.

A little craftyness...

YUMMO! Butterfly cakes - what a classic! My girls are choosing recipes to make during the week and we had butterfly cakes for afternoon tea and for dessert!

Update on Energy Dome Alert:
Devo crisis averted - hubbie (under stress, where he seems to work the best??) raided supplies shop and came home with plastic plates, bowls and ...da.da...shiny red cloth tape. Bit of cutting, bit of sticking and a prototype is underway! I think it looks really authentic! Pictures to come... must only show the best one! One mention of Devo and the fans come out of the woodwork! I kid you not!

Just a side track:

You know you're getting old when....
all your friends are turning 40! (I still have a few years to go...I seem to get 'that look' when I inadvertantly (haha) mention that fact);

you need stronger glasses to do close up work ie sewing! I call mine 'my granny glasses';

and larger font sizes

you let out an involuntary groan getting up from a squat position (It happened to me at work, shelving some books at the issues counter, a customer came up to be served and the groan, PLUS a neces
sary grip on the counter to stand upright! It can't be happening!

Enough whinging, now Bron, get to craftyness!

Some piccies of a cushion cover I have been working on; a friend was throwing out an old and tatty pillowcase (to trash and treasure stall) and happened to mention that it was her grandma's. It had a lovely appliqued flower motive on it - I grabbed and said that I will show her what I do with it (eventually!). Her 40th was last night and I presented her with a new pillow and cover with memories attached!

(Pippi hearing the words 'walk' or 'chicken neck' in the background)

The pattern I discovered at the last minute: I also could not find a simple cushion cover pattern (for free) which did not have to have a zip (eek), a buttonhole (more eek). I found one (from Whip Up - such a good site! from Still Dottie! All Right! Fabric is a delicious dark blue with swirls like ginko leaves from Northcote Reproduction range - one of first fabrics I had ever bought from a real patchwork shop - ooh it cost, but the quality is superb and I have had many comments on the background fabric. (Is that because my applique is so good that it just can't be commented on? Not!)

I also visited Magnolia Square market, (very 'Malvern' (pronounced Molven) if anyone out there understands that (I sure I was looked up and down from several ladies as I walked up the path (and I certainly wasn't wearing a paper bag!) where I hunted out Aunty Cookies' delights. My fav is the I Dig Birds digital picture, the little badges, the 'Make quilts, not war' cards, actually everything I bought!

I also met Angela from Three Buttons; lovely lady with a lovely smile! Her Miss Buttons pattern from Sew Your Own (ultra cute site with more patterns to come, a little birdy told me) I had to have and we had a nice chat about blogs (of course) and also about MixTape Zine (she had one on her counter; are you selling them I asked?, no, but I should talk to the girls about having some on my stall for next time; ace! said I. Angela also bashfully admitted that she had been asked to provide the cover for the next edition! Honoured girl! I think it will look fabbo! She was selling products from Lark: some fantastic magnetic and little pocket mirrors and actually I almost forgot the knitted baby rattles of ice-cream cones (if only I was little!) and cakes and donuts and veges! Knitted toys make me so happy! Am I strange?

Edited: Family pictures removed

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Hellllp! Energy Dome Alert!

Did that get your attention?? I need help with lots of ideas as to how to make an Energy Dome Hat aka Devo's signature flower pot hat. Yes, that's is correct - they are officially Energy Domes and please do not mistake them for flower pots (many of us do).
School Trivia Night has muscial theme and hubbie (God love him!) suggests our table dress up as iconic 80's onehitwonders DEVO. We all love Whip It do do do do do crack that whip! (of course WE love Whippets and Whippet Good!) so we are dressing all in black with ......Whips!..... and we have been nominated to provide the red hats (for 8-10 people)

Now, hubbie and I have scrounged Bunnings Hardware store for plastic and otherwise flowerpots - none that fit head, are not too heavy, and are red or can be changed to red. I am getting used to putting unusual objects on my head to feel the energy come from within - but - nothing, nada, siltch!!! $2 shops, reject shops, all nothing. 1 1/2 weeks til Devo unveiling - and I need help.

Has anyone ever attempted anything like this and what with? Please ideas ideas ideas!!!!

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Japanese Sweeties in Oz

Reading Lottielulu's recent post, I was directed to an online business called Retro Mummy, who sell Japanese fabrics, linens and tapes, here in Australia! Yay Yay Yay I Say. I know many of you are very loyal to Superbuzzy and that is fine, but when we Aussies order a piece of deliciousness from them, our children do not eat for 15 days (I kid you not!), due to the lack of funds in the bank, once postage has been paid for, in order for the japanese fabric addiction to be satiated.

Now, my children can eat, as Retro Mummy has a small but I 'm sure growing list of very very cute fairy tale fabrics, linens of lambsies, hedgehogs (or maybe echidnas?), mushrooms and frogs. Tapes of owls, cats in Paris, strawberries galore!