Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Back in the land of the living

Hello World! I am back walking and talking and coughing and working and coughing and sewing and running and...well you get the gist.

After a severe bout of throatus-most-painfulitis, then head-full-of-chartruese goo, then very very annoying tickle in the throat-must cough- can not stop coughing, which has now given me Very sore-needing to be strapped-ribs, I feel a little better!!

I am actually heading off to my first training session in weeks, despite the cold air playing havoc with my 'tickle' and my ribs having a little yell - and boy, am I ready! I am itching to go - this coming from the slobbiest girl in the world - you may think that's you, but no it's me - really!

After a good couple of weeks with very low sewing mojo - I found it again:

Chaletgirl Block Swap - 2nd last blocks to do

Bianca + Bron

DQS7 - finally started - my partner likes a certain designer/book/quiltmakers (can't say who incase they are listening!), borrowed the book from the library (of course!), found one I could do and whipped this up - not finished, but kinda close. Got to practice some curved piecing - it actually worked!

Got these most delightful prints in the mail from HiddenEloise

Just love love love love them - they have such a lovely ethereal, wintery, gentle look and I am a big fan of teddy bears from way back

This is a bookmark - a freebie! Can never have enough bookmarks!

(Still in its plastic, so shot is a bit strange)

Don't you love a seller who goes all out with their product - this is the envelope!! I could frame this too - maybe not, but it is not going in the recycling!

Biggest achievement for me at this end of The Sickness, is a spur of the moment sewing success!

Had a fave T-shirt - red and offwhite stripes with a large applique navy flower on top corner - started to fray on bottom - so I Cut It Up! Yes it felt good and adventurous and daring! The family were aghast! 4 inch squares, sewn together on the diagonal, gives me this:

Best and quickest and easiest scarf eva! So t-shirty soft and goes with my prodominately grey/navy winter wardrobe. Would love to say that the idea just popped into my tiny brain, but that would be lying - got it from here! Linked from wonderful site here!

I know I am going to lose you when you travel to those sites - but do come back sometime - I cross-my-heart I will be posting more sewing mojo successes!


Andi said...

LOVE the new scarf!!

willywagtail said...

Welcome back. Was missing you. Great scarf and thanks for the link. Cherrie

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One Flew Over said...

Glad you are back and feeling better!

Lizzie said...

Glad you're feeling better and raring to go again.

sewjourn said...

Glad you are feeling better - let's catch up soon.