Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Bit of a mess

A bit of a hiatus here at Chez Whippet - my apologies to my bloggy friends who may or may not have been checking this site for any updates, and continually finding nada!!

Have not been inspired lately to post anything lately - my crafty world is a little overwhelming for me at the moment - I think I have too many projects and deadlines and unfinished messes all over the shop for me to think straight, let alone sew straight!

I think this photo sums it up!

This is how my hexagon quilt is going, and basically it represents how my craft room looks and feels and subsequently how 'healthy' my dear little blog has been.

I think it is all due to this:

A major event for my kids' school is the annual School Disco and being a class rep for Yr 6, I and 4 other mums have the enviable job of organising it!!

Phew, what a huge job it was - really and truly - big eye opener as to Parents Who Don't EVA read (numerous) School Notices re time/cost/last day of ticket payment; Parents who just drop little Johnny off and don't sign in or out, leaving us the organisers with no idea if little Johnny has been safely taken home; Parents who send along their child with his/her Epi Pen and give NO instruction to anyone incase of emergency....I can go on....

Our theme was Ocean Odyssey - and we were given some fabulous glitter offcuts to go Crazy with - the floor in my workroom is covered in blue and green tinsell!!
I didn't get a photo of the final decos but I made lots of bunting with these pieces and covered lots of huge cardboard shapes of fish, sharks, octopus, whale tails - we had an art-day on a Sunday and painted and stapled and glued our little hearts out! That was so much fun!!

It was a long day - started at 1.30pm to decorate the hall (which we had to step over classes of children the whole 2 hours despite promises that we had the hall all to ourselves!) Finished at 4.00pm, quick home, change in costume - Yes (raided kids dressups)- back at 5.15pm for 6pm start of 1st session, 2nd session finished at 9.30pm, all packed up around 10.30pm.

I am so glad it is over.
I think I got tonsilitis.
I need to go back to bed.


Lizzie said...

Hi Bronwyn, sounds like you deserve a week in bed!! I remember the days of 'the same mums doing everything' only too well. Nothing much changes so my daughters tell me. I bet it looked awesome though and the kids had a ball.

One Flew Over said...

Dear god..I have to say I am NOT looking forward to school discos!

willywagtail said...

Glad to see you back What would schools do without Mum's like you. I take my hat off to you. I only did reading and canteen. Cherrie

sewjourn said...

Well done Bron - someones gotta do it - by WHY does it always have to be the same half dozen or so??? I know what you mean about lack of blogging - mine is sadly neglected over the past couple of weeks but I have high hopes for the coming days.....

Have a good rest.