Sunday, 28 March 2010

Some happy sewing projects

These are for Jo of Sparklygreenknickers - great name!! for the Australiasian Bee Block Swap - Heather Ross' frogs and lilypads in the centre and squares around them in green, grey and white.  They might not be how she wants them - crossing my fingers that they will be welcomed with open arms!!

Some more pictures of my Kaffe Stars  - having no end of trouble getting good shots of these stars - I think it is the blue background my camera is having trouble with - still got lots more to show....

I had a wonderful hour and a bit with some lovely ladies from Threadsoffriendship (photo care of them) and Sewjourn-

Janelle was in town, from Perth, and we got a very quick chance to catch up with Kylie, Katherine, Janelle and Jan from Sewjourn.
What a fantastic bunch they are! Janelle gave me some Gorgeous Fabric, cos she's just like that - perfect for my Joseph's Coat project!!  We chatted and laughed about fabric and quilting and sewing machines (I think we need to start a Bernina 440 club) and book series and authors and chocolate and hugs.......

I got the absolute guilts after seeing Janelle - I think it has been a year since my hubbie visited her in Perth and came back with the most delicious meterage of AMH's Garden Party - D2 needed new 'not babyish' curtains - this was quite a year later and voila!!  Only took me an afternoon - they are pretty basic but they are pretty!! The long straight one is needing a curtain tieback holder thingy to let the sunshine in and I have a small collection of ribbons to sort through for the other two (there are blockout roller blinds behind them so they will stay as is)

I love this print so much I might just camp out in her room tonight!

Edit:  I have about 3 metres of it left, if anyone would like to buy or swap 
(Australian postage only I'm sorry - APO is killing me with its o.s. rates)


Katy said...

I need to sort out curtains for my daughter's room too. I got a quote for one making (ONE - not a pair) and when they phoned me to tell me I actually shouted 'how much????' very loudly on a busy train (and I was just by the quiet carriage). Oops. I'm a bit scared of trying curtains though.

Louise said...

I have the fabric for my daughter's bedroom sitting on the pile of to do projects too! I'm sure they would only take one afternoon as they are very plain. I love the look of yours - all floaty and pretty.

Anonymous said...

The curtains look gorgeous!! Well done

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

Hi Bronwyn,

The curtains look lovely.

I am vaguely interested in the 3m - can you shoot me an email with the price so that I can think about it?


Janellybelly said...

It was delightful to catch up with you sweetie, glad you liked your fabric prezzie.
The AMH curtains look beautiful :)
Love Janelle (at Kylie's house)

hayley said...

curtains look great. Love that fabric! Love the blocks and the Kaffe stars.