Thursday, 18 March 2010

Seeing Stars

I have finally got some breathing space in my life for a little bit of blogging and sewing! Yay Muchly!
The All-consuming, stress-inducing, coldsore producing (eww) preparation of the Trash & Treasure Stall at our School Fair is over - the Day has come and gone - it was an exhausting experience (a long 3 day weekend of moving, sorting and pricing for me and my family and helpers) but, I will most likely Do It Again next year.

WHY? The thrill of opening the doors to an ocean of people keen to get in and buy, buy, buy; wishing them a Very Good Morning was so exciting, I will remember it for a long time to come!  We made a lot of money for the school and had the most wonderful people helping all throughout the day - with only a little bit leftover rubbish to get rid of.  I think I feel proud that I put my hand up to tackle this monster and with some great support, conquered it with flying colours!!

I keep receiving these wonderful packages in the mail and I am not mentioning them at all on my blog - don't know if you remember these piles of deliciously colourful fabrics (scroll down the post a little) all laid out on my bed, ready to be sent: WELL':

My Around the Block Swap month is March, and because it has been so crazy at my place from now 'til middle of then, I got my act together and send off my fabrics early.  Well, little did I expect my blocks to come back early too!! (some came back the next week!)

What a wonderful surprise to find lots and lots of wonky stars on a deep blue sky - exploding with colours!  "What?" you say?
I have a vision of Kaffe Fassett stars popping out from a beautiful night sky - Kona Cotton Nightfall is my base fabric and wonky interesting big and little stars are the request!  Have a look at my Wonky Stars Gallery on Flickr for my inspiration!

These are from Kate (One flew over)

These are from Rachel (Four wise monkeys)

This is the constellation so far - Rita from RedPepper Quilts made the other four - 

my apologies for no having a singular photo of hers - my camera's battery has died (AGAIN) and these are from the phone's camera - I just want to throw them when they don't do as they are told!!  Here is the link to her post with much better photos!!


My name is Wendy . . . said...

Love those Wonky Stars Bronwyn!
We're still off in a far away land ... back soon xxx

Simon - aka Bloke said...


Hi Bronwyn, I can relate to the business, this year as been hectic, Check out my updates as I am now a the spot of handing over on a project.