Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Pink and green... and little bit of sweat

Found these very pretty scrapbooking 'things' - do they have a name? at the discount bin at Spotty.  Lovely lovely Heather Bailey decals and such.
They will make easy cards for people - a bit of heavy cardstock paper, a guillotine (mwhahaha!) some spongy sticky stuff for a 3d-ish feel and voila!

A package was thrown onto  my front verandah today - I was upstairs and heard the thump - and that only means one thing!!!  Pressies!!!

This was what I won from Judy of Punch&Judy

Wow - super quick postage - no mucking around with country folks!
(my photo doesn't show all the templates - I wasn't ripped off lol!)

I have big plans!!  Scrounging (is that a word?) in my stash pulled up a range I had bought quite a few years ago and had started a project of 9-patch blocks, but got bored and stopped......well, they are perrrrrfect for how I want my DWR quilt to look.

Very subtle

Very clean

Very pretty, but not girly

Very crisp

Very neutral, but not boring

This is mainly by Anna Griffin - 'Charlotte'
 I am going to have maybe a Kona Snow solid for the background and a mixture of these (delicate shell pinks, creams, taupes, soft soft golds, hints of pewter for the arcs.

Thought I should practice first!!!

Using my Curve Master Foot - I did have to sew and unpick about 5 times, til I turned the pieces over with the smaller one on top and it went - First Go (well almost - I know it's not exact on the end - but It Did Work!!)  No puckering, no gathering, no pins, just skill - I just wanted to high five someone, but instead I did a little fist in the air, all by myself.

Can you see all the little holes and threads?  

These are called Perseverance

This I must remember.


ange_moore said...

Wow - can't wait to see what you create once you get going. High 5's to you from Tassie!

clare's craftroom said...

Great win ! Love your taggy things , swoon !

Cathy said...

High five from here too! I would love to do a double wedding ring quilt one day, will just be content watching you make one for now! Great scrapbooking stuff too! xo