Wednesday, 10 November 2010

loving a bit of colour in my house

Came home from work on Monday night to discover a whole new lounge room in my house!!
A lovely young man has recovered our very servicable, yet tired, cat-scratched, plastic-y feeling couch into a soft, tactile, flecked-yet-solid, teal yes teal couch.  I know the modern asthetic is for cream, beige, taupe, brown or black furniture - but I yawn at the thought!  I want COLOUR and lots of it!

(Shot has not been altered in any way - yes washing (albeit clean) is piled up and a cup left out  - please avert your eyes- you looked didn't you!)

I still wake up and go straight (well almost straight) to the lounge room to have another look.
I have Anna-Maria-ed the lounge room.  I have always loved her sense of colour and mixing, not necessarily matching, sometimes clashing,  just mouthwatering and surprising combos and designs.
The two cushion covers I made (with some op-shopped zippers) and a little bit of 'cross-your-fingers and hope-to-hell-it-works-cos-I-dont'-have-anymore-of-this-fabric' (Stacked Books from Drawing Room range)
95% sure of construction - didn't succeed terribly well with the whole zipper flap business, but with a bit of a plump and fluff, they are fairly hidden.  They may need reducing down just a smidgen - you know those pesky corners that bunch and wrinkle - yep, got 8 of those.
Some chairs bought off ebay were also recovered in a not too dark navy - almost a deep denim.  I have some great fabric for cushions for these too.
Loving my couch with my AMH 'Folks love Squares' quilt - they go together like they were born for each other.
Ooh - I also have an inherited rocker being recovered too - in, guess what, more AMH!


Andi said...

Looks great!!!

danielle said...

i love this colour couch!! we just inherited a similar looking couch in red (yuck- not a nice red either) and i was thinking of doing this...thanks for some great ideas!

PS- totally wouldnt have looked at your washing if you hadnt pointed it out haha :)

Wendy . . . said...

I love the teal Bron!
It fits right in "at" home as if it has always been this way .... have to come over & sit on it soon!
Love the cushions ...

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, this looks amazing!! I am very jealous of your beautiful new furniture. I LOVE color also. No boring beige here!

(I looked and looked and did not see any laundry??)