Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Never thought I would

Even though I am on a fabric diet (see sidebar reminder), I'm sure that doesn't include other crafty paraphenalia such as.......


I have had my eye on this book for maybe years now?, though it is not very old - bit of a whim buying it, thinking "love the concept, but never going to execute...."
Well, I surprised myself, but actually sewing my very first cathedral window

and it wasn't that hard!!!!!

I love an example of a wall hanging of CW's - this is my inspiration....I have some little lovelies coming my way soon, which could be perfect for a window collection......

Lynne makes the most stunning designs with many different colours (she does love batiks, which I could take or leave, though they Are highly effective in this medium), and then different shaped windows, which gives movement and interest and are amazing!!

The author has made the book extremely easy to read - very light and conversational - she gives little snippets of advice here and there - this one is a GEM:


Lisa said...

Oh I have this book too! Great ideas and prjects in there. I made a small wall hanging of the classic catedrals, lots of hand sewing, but really great finish. Can't wait to see your!

Bellgirl said...

Your cathedral window looks beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing the king-sized quilt ;)