Saturday, 26 February 2011

Taking Liberties

Some little precious pieces of Liberty of London fabrics flew all the way across the seas, just for me!  Well, I did pay a little bit for them, but I hope they are happy in their new home!

2 1/2 inch squares - 300 to be exact (bought in 3 x 100 lots off ebay, and not en-tire-ly sure I got an exact 100 each time????. Yes have tried to count them, but get distracted with a new one I see, and forget which number I'm up to)  Only a few double ups too!

My girls thought I was mad as for days I took over the lounge room floor to arrange, rearrange, add some more, take some away, put them into groups and generally fuss over them like a mother hen.

Here are some (albeit fussy photos) of just a smattering of my favourites:

I have some ideas for them - a colourwash quilt and as the middle of a cathedral quilt.  I bought them exactly for this last project - but I have this strange idea that I don't want the fabric covered up in Any way, which the curved arcs of the window will do - isn't that weird?  (The arcs are millimetres wide!!!)

I also feel that I want to hand sew these babies  - may be perfect for a project to take up to SIT in Sydney in a few weeks time (yay!), though not sure how I would do this with the colourwash pattern - should I just wing it and sew colour / tone / pattern groups together or have a written plan and label everything etc.

Have you tried a colourwash quilt before - what are your tips for a beautiful flow of colour and pattern?

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Aunt Spicy said...

OMG, I totally would have done the same thing...and then just left them out as eye candy...can not wait to see what lovely things you make!