Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Kaffe Wonky Stars

 After a (very very long) time, my Around the Block Swap (round 1) has been made up into this lovely quilt:

My Kaffe Wonky Stars

The stars are (obviously made with KF fabric), sent out to some lovely ladies all over Australia and Canada.  I asked for any size to be made - I wanted an eclectic look - a random smattering of shining sparklies. Boy, the assembly took a bit of patience though - ended up with a few Y seams - eek - though all worked out in the quilting.  I have big ones, baby ones, skinny ones, spiky ones, all fabric ones, all different pieced ones, holed ones and framed ones!!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this block swap - I think my quilt is truly unique because of you!!

The background is Kona cotton 'Nightfall' - a lovely deep blue, terribly hard to photograph. I ended up with two different dye lots of the fabric - and they were different BUT I actually like the patchworkiness of the blues - gives it just that little bit more of an interest to the monotone background.

I am not in love with the Kona cotton - just not smooth enough to touch for my liking - I don't think I will use it again, if I can help it. Despite that, this has been my first quilt that I have enjoyed sewing the quilting - just a random swirl/loopy/with some stars 'thrown in for good luck' pattern.

 The back is strips of Kaffe fabric in yellow golds, pinks, red, oranges and greens - all very circular patterns - I was going with a 'planetary' effect: Cogs, Fans, Lichen and the gold one (can't remember the name!)
The binding is Star Flowers in red - truly adore this fabric!  edit:  just notice a ring-in - Brandon Mably's Red Rings on the back (that's okay - I think being the friends they are, it is allowed)

I shouldn't have favourites....but I do!!!  I love love love the star within a star within a star from Lynn of Craftstew and this little baby with a pansy inside!!

In the sunshine the blue is so much brighter!

Can anyone give me pointers as to how to get a good photo of your quilt - is the problem my camera - a small digital point and shoot - where is the clarity??


Simon - aka Bloke said...

Lovely - just lovely... not much sewing around here with work doing my head in and a Baby Burmese to steal everything that is not bolted down or locked up.

Annie said...

This is fantastic Bronwyn, you are motivating me to get back to mine.

Cathy said...

Absolutely gorgeous Kaffe quilt Bron. Love the navy, makes all the colours jump! The back is gorgeous too. Did you make it to Ballarat? xo

Lisa said...

Just beautiful! Kaffe is one of my favorites and this jooks just wonderful

Dan Rouse said...

Beautifully done. All the color bursting out of the midnight blue background is wonderful.

Sarah said...

Hi Bronwyn, I think your photos are great! I found going from my iPhone to a little point and shoot really helped my photos. I guess the next step up would be an SLR, a digital SLR maybe. You are the first person in blogland who has ever muttered a single word AGAINST Kona cotton, and I couldn't agree with you MORE. I can't stand the stuff. It's rough, it doesn't iron well and it's just got a really low thread count, which in my books equals cheap and nasty. The moda solids are better, but if you know of any better solids, please let me know. Cheers, Sarah

Lynn said...

I am also curious to see which solids you like! I use Kona because it's so readily available, but I agree, at times I think its a bit rough.

Your quilt looks FABULOUS. All the blocks look so great together! I think the baby star was my favorite out of all the quilts I made for that bee!

sewjourn said...

How did you get it quilted in such a short time??? It looks great. And I really don't like the Kona cottons at all!

Wendy . . . said...

Hey - so lovely ... need to see this in real life sometime soon!
Thanks again for helping me out with sign up stuff! I owe you big time! Seems I've had some internet access in the end ... Love the new blog look too!