Thursday, 5 May 2011

Tour Take Two

Okay - my new favourite chair just for you - this is a long one.....

Wimbledon  - a very pretty town South West of London city - a little bit of the mixture of houses....I love housing architecture, so you are going to get an eyefull!

We stayed here for a few days - Honey Cottage - when they call it a cottage, it means tiny! But very comfortable!

Throw in a Lion as well - See that Blue Sky!!

The amazing wall of sewing machines in previous post belong here.....  Can you imagine sewing on one of these beauties!

Some Liberty shots from a very iconic and amazing store - stock is varied and eclectic....
 I think this photo is upside down??

I so want this in my kitchen.....

A quick trip up to Edinburgh...home to hubbie & I for about 8 months, eons ago...

View from Scott Monument, over the Edinburgh Gardens, towards the Castle

Holyrood House - Queen's Palace in Edinburgh

Royal Mile

A wonderful little store called Curiouser & Curiouser - best modern/retro mix of homewares, prints, textiles
 I didn't get anymore photos so I am linking to this post: if you are ever in Edinburgh make the walk down Broughton Street!

Another great store is Ness:

Very pretty - Girl-y Tartan!!

Are you hanging in there still?


Wendy . . . said...

We have a pic of that same Lion!
Looks like you had a wonderful time ... more please! Missed you by the way!

ange_moore said...

Oh wow - we lived in Wimbledon for 2.5 years nearly a decade ago. I really want to go back for a visit - maybe in another 10 years!!