Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Whippet Good's Twice as nice

Just a little break from the OS holiday snaps to somewhere closer to home:

Mother's Day Sunday, instead of taking my mum out for brunch, I decided to take her on a Road Trip!

An out-of-the-blue opportunity came about for us to get another Whippet!  Boy was I excited - a road trip into the country; just us girls and the dog; adopt another dog and meander back home again!!

Here is Mum when we went on a 'trial' walk through the Albury countryside - the weather was brilliant!

  We stayed at Fauenfelder Cottage - a very sweet and livable place- very homely and VERY DOG FRIENDLY - I mean the dog can come inside and sit on the couch if that is what you like - YES PLEASE!
We actually stayed in the Kitchen Cottage behind the main one - super comfy!!

Here she is!!

The girls got along really well right from the beginning - they are actually distantly related!

Pippi doesn't seem to mind the newbie - she still gets to sleep on the quilts.
RUBY - that's her "You know I hate the camera" look

Proud Mama!
My two 4-legged girls!

I don't think I am ever going to get a good photo of her - she has gone completely phobic of the little black thing shoved in her face and us saying 'smile Ruby' - wonder why?

She loves to rub her whole body along your leg and gives you the most gentle and adorable chin-on-your-lap look.

I think we have found a treasure!

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Not Lucy said...

She is adorable! I have to say that maybe I should let my little poodle stand next to a Whippet and maybe people wouldn't say she is so skinny!