Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Some MO inspiration

My first Wedge piece - inspired by the indefatigable Kathy from Material Obsession
Out of comfort zone

Whippet Good's Twice as nice

Just a little break from the OS holiday snaps to somewhere closer to home:

Mother's Day Sunday, instead of taking my mum out for brunch, I decided to take her on a Road Trip!

An out-of-the-blue opportunity came about for us to get another Whippet!  Boy was I excited - a road trip into the country; just us girls and the dog; adopt another dog and meander back home again!!

Here is Mum when we went on a 'trial' walk through the Albury countryside - the weather was brilliant!

  We stayed at Fauenfelder Cottage - a very sweet and livable place- very homely and VERY DOG FRIENDLY - I mean the dog can come inside and sit on the couch if that is what you like - YES PLEASE!
We actually stayed in the Kitchen Cottage behind the main one - super comfy!!

Here she is!!

The girls got along really well right from the beginning - they are actually distantly related!

Pippi doesn't seem to mind the newbie - she still gets to sleep on the quilts.
RUBY - that's her "You know I hate the camera" look

Proud Mama!
My two 4-legged girls!

I don't think I am ever going to get a good photo of her - she has gone completely phobic of the little black thing shoved in her face and us saying 'smile Ruby' - wonder why?

She loves to rub her whole body along your leg and gives you the most gentle and adorable chin-on-your-lap look.

I think we have found a treasure!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011


My girls, hubbie and sister made the decision a long time ago to visit a fascinating, off the beaten track kind of place - hugely inspired by Jamie Oliver's tv program 'Jamie does...Marrakech' - hubbie and I looked at each other and said - LETS GO THERE!

4 nights were booked with Riad Puchka - unfortunately a last minute flight cancellation meant we lost a day, but it did not deter us!!
A taxi was organised by the riad - a B&B style hotel - and a driver led us through the dusty, dirty streets with our wheelie bags behind us - what a sight we must have been - to be led to a door that opened up  to this!!

It was truly our oasis in Marrakech - 

A classic tagine
Oh the ceilings...

The Most Wonderful Ceiling (just tilt your head and you will get it - Blogger is being a pain spinning my photos over!)

Looking out our bathroom window onto the dusty laneway

This place is unbelievable

Can't get over the detail  - all hand done

My sister is going to hate this photo - but it was the best one to show you the amazing bathroom fittings!

The doors were amazing!
 We ventured out the first night through the amazingly busy narrow streets to 'The Square' to get some dinner - boy that was a bit scary!  The motobikes zoom between people as if they are practicing their advanced drivers licence and have no qualms about tooting you out of the way - the girls gripped our arms the whole way there and we gripped them - bouncing them out of harms way!
The organised chaos of the Night Market called Djemaa El Fna - this is fast food at its best

Have to admit that the plates of meat sitting out on such a hot night made me nervous

So romatic

Another amazing ceiling

What more can I say ?

Covered souks were a blessing - the sun was hot! This is mid-morning - best time to go - very few people and motorbikes!

This is a classic sweets stall - Moroccan pastries made with date, pistachio, almond and more - we just ask for a sample selection and got a huge box full, which we all pigged out on!!

Piles of olives and preserved lemons - YUM!

Typical ramshakle laneway

Can't you just see a quilt pattern there!!

I know its hot - BUT bare shoulders and lots of leg are not what should be shown for public viewing in Marrakech.  If only  some people would learn about the culture they are visiting and be a little bit more respectful of custom and dress.  No head covering is needed for women, but loose cool covering clothing is essential.  I felt happy that we had made an effort and I think we were treated with a lot of respect the whole time we were there, even when my sister and I were exploring on our own, because we showed respect.

The Square  - hub of action day and night, though this was taken in the heat of midday sun - not so many ventured out, from a cafe/restaurant's top floors.

Look at that silly grin - the home cooked meal at the riad was the BEST. Chicken with olives and lemon tagine - told you they like them.
Huge salad to begin with, and the most sweetest slices of oranges with sprinkled cinnamon to end - oh my what a feast!!

The surprisingly modern and attractive airport - great architecture!
I was very saddened to hear of the recent terrorist bombing in Marrakech, in the square, at a tourist cafe.  The little city does not need such awful events to happen - the local staff who work day in day out, at such places, are the ones who are at greatest risk.  Tourism is such a needed income for many many people here and at first, I felt glad that we had been, so we would not need to go back ever again - but I have changed my mind - murderous bombing can happen anywhere - London 2005 is an awful example - and it did not stop us going back.  

Marrakech is a wonderful, exciting, exhausting, melting pot of people and places
and I am very glad we got a taste of it.