Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Love a knit in Summer

A rather washed out self portrait of me and my new cowl knit
No not made by me (as if!)
but a pre-Christmas prize won by moi!

I had sent emails thanking Pretty Wit for picking my name out of a hat - random choice but still....letting them know that though it is Summer here (ie beach weather for sure!) I would be using it in due course (being Melbourne the fickle little minx she is) but Boy do I need it today!  Rain, hail and a top of 19 degrees - In January!!!
It is so so soft and warm, but not too warm and a most beautiful wheat/caramel/toast colour - I saw a lady looking at it - I sure she wanted it! Ha! All mine (except when my children snipe it from my cupboard and wear it as a hat)

check out other Pretty Witty things here!  and be just a little jealous of my new warm cowly neck? maybe not the wrinkles it hides though. You don't have to be jealous of that, just saying.


willywagtail said...

O my. You are making me hot just looking at that cowl. But it sure will be snuggly and warm in winter. Congratulations on your win and a lovely photo too. Cherrie

ARTwendy ... said...

perfect for the antics of today's mysterious weather change!! lucky you!!