Thursday, 15 March 2012

Shot Cottons

Oakshotts from UK - I bought packs of Elements - Water (1/2ms), Fat 1/8 Fire, Fat 1/8 Autumn packs

They didn't jump out at me when I first opened the (beautifully packed) package...
but their shimmery-ness started to shine and shine and shine!

The colours are truly delightful - some have more of the 'shot' look than others - obviously slightly different threads going weft or warp-wise 

Their lauded 'softness' and similarity to Liberty - I don't quite get - no, not as soft as Liberty, definitely not same hand feel - just a little bit (dare I say) rougher than expected, but... a lovely lightness and almost but not quite translucency.
After postage, the cost of the fabric worked out to be aprox $19 per metre - very reasonable in Aussie terms, I think, for this kind of range.

These little babies are in the wash at the moment - not something I do with my fabric, but  I wanted to see how they were, after a little tickle in the gentle washer and just a slight giggly tumble in the warm dryer.

I also didn't want any surprises when sewing and then washing - these babies have a big plan ahead for them!

Edit:  I also bought the Shade Card for Elements - if anyone wants info regarding colour, let me know
(I can certainly bring it along to next meeting at MMQG)

Edit Again:  After a little tickle, I have ironed the little treasures and they are much more silky! 
Shot Cottons


Claire - Matching Pegs said...


Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

Stacey said...

My what lovely fabrics you have!!!!

Clair said...

Oh...I looove shot cottons! They sort of shimmer, I am jealous.