Friday, 9 March 2012

Thrifty scores

I have long time loved Figgyo Flint (Norway) crockery - vintage 60s 70s - so so pretty!

and just by chance did I spot a wonderful collection up for grabs - Pickup only, about 1 hour drive away from me  - boy did I sit by that ebay screen!  It went up right at the last 10 secs (how do people do that?) BUT I put a very reasonable max. price for these beauties, knowing their value and I won (so there! sneaky ebay bidders)

A treat of some op-shop browsing after 1 whole hour of study! Yes 1 hour - I'm such a 'swot'; some vintage sheets - colours are much subtler in real life - would you like a bit Janine?

Janine would not approve of this one - poly blend I'm afraid - but will make excellent pj bottoms!

A very lovely surprise of a random win of Hawthorne Threads regular fat quarter giveaways - my name actually appeared on their newsletter and I Squealed!  A-maz-ing!  You put your name down in these things, and really, who ever thinks they have a chance - but ya do!

Washi Tape collection - I think these need some interesting washi tape inspired improvised pattern!


ARTwendy ... said...

lots of awesome-ness ... love the eBay win & how about the HT ... yay you ... I enter mine weekly & cross my fingers .... so glad its someone i know .... are you planning on going to SIT? i hope so xx

Mel said...

oh i am jealous of your Figgjo Flint Lotte stuff. I love that pattern.

Clair said...

You lucky duck! I enter that give away every week....I'm so glad to see someone I know win it!
And that crockery is just gorgeous, well worth a long drive, I reckon. said...

that washi tape fabric is pretty awesome!