Monday, 10 September 2012

snail's pace

I'm proud and just a little crunchy underfoot!  I'm a slow blogger and am happy to adhere to the manifesto of all slow bloggers around the world......

(Pretty much lifted from Knotted Cotton's page - thank you KC for making me feel okay!)

"Slow Bloggers salute those amazingly productive bloggers who can show a big mosaic of makes at the end of each month - we are among your most admiring and avid readers.  Slow Bloggers generally worry that they are not so good at juggling the requirements of life, households, jobs and crafting.  
The Membership declares:
There are no conditions for membership - if you're a slow blogger, you probably know it.
A Slow Blogger may get on a roll and be very productive, but may equally well disappear into the summer holidays and appear sporadically, if at all. 
The aim of the Slow Blog movement is to take the pressure off by reminding ourselves who we blog for - us! - and encouraging ourselves that we will still have some readers even if we don't blog for more than a few days.  We will blog what we do, but will not do so that we can blog.
With membership you are declaring your intention not to sweat about the blogging when other things take over, or to feel apologetic if you have only made one thing in a month.   
Membership can be temporary!  You can drop in and out. 
Slow Bloggers do not have to Follow other members but will support those Slow Bloggers they do follow in their attempts to be productive in the face of the many obstacles that life throws up.
A Slow Blogger is identified by the snail button - no trouser-legs at half-mast or special handshakes!
Members of the Slow Blog Movement can if they wish share their activities and achievements (or excuses) in a Linky party at the end of each month. Hosting will be rotated - details tbc. A member may have had a productive month, or simply been smelling the flowers.  Having nothing to show is less important than having something to say! 
Nothing in the above is to be taken entirely seriously."


Cas said...

love it :) will have to join!!

Michelle @ the quilted tortoise said...

How fantastic!! I'm definitely a slow blogger! Even my blog name implies I'm slow...

Marg said...

Great idea, I've been a very slow blogger the last 6 months. Thanks for reminding me about it.