Sunday, 16 September 2012

I did say snail's pace

Okay - after my last post about how it is okay to be a slow blogger - I did kinda get the guilts cos it was back in July when I last said hello, and really, you shouldn't treat your friends like
this is what I have been doing....

Hubbie and I had a very indulgent trip away to amazing Thailand (more wonderful shots to come)
but I wanted to show you my travel project.....

 there was a hex on the beach 'grin'

I took my travel sewing pack away with me - it was the perfect thing!  

Hexys on the poolside table

Cut to home - DD2 was making her Ood Doll for school while hexys lay on my lap...

The first layout of my 
City Highlights 

Did you like the white sand shot?
Be prepared for more!


Cas said...

bliss! a holiday & crafty happenings :) cant get better than that!

Danielle said...

Hex on the beach - love it!! I'm glad I'm not the only slow blogger around these parts - also haven't blogged since July, I think, and don't even have a trip to Thailand to show for it! Can't wait to see more!