Monday, 30 January 2012

A slice of heaven

Do yourself a favour....

 Stay at

The Best B&B In The World!  

Honestly, not kidding

Really and Truly


We were kinda dumbstruck the whole time, cos it was that bl***y good

I think I still am...

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Not now darling, Mummy's working...

Warning Will Robinson!  If certain words give you 'pussy bum face' somewhere else.....

"I'm shutting my blog down....nup..nup that's it...I'm shutting it down.....I'm going to write a post about how I'm going to shut my blog down."


This is only Episode 1.
I need more!!!

Workshop for the spatially challenged

Treehouse Textiles - Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated workshop - anyone interested?

I am thinking of booking in on Fri 23rd March (the second date) (cos it would make a lovely birthday present for myself hehehe) and am already scouring the net for ideas and pointers and alterations that may work for me.

I love the idea of having someone to ask a million questions over as I nervously cut, pin and sew (and unpick) - are you one of those people too?....If you can do it with one eye closed, while playing the harmonica, don't put your hand up!!!!

I really do want to learn how to make clothes....I'm such a naffy when it comes to sewing 3 dimensional things....can't barely picture how a piece of pattern becomes a thing that wraps around my (ample) torso...

Has anyone made one already?  I am wanting to use a 2m piece of linen-y gauze type fabric, but pattern says 2.2m....can I get away with squeezing it in?

Treehouse Textiles....really lovely website and a really lovely concept for good sewing, good food and good tuition....I'm Excited!!!


Edit:  I've booked!  Come join me!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

20 years and still going....

20 years married to my man today

We were babies when we got together, but we knew we were on to a good thing.
Just gets better and better!  Gotta have a montage.....

1. Bron's Yr12 1988, 2. Sean & Bron history 001, 3. School Prom 1988, 4. Wedding Day Jan18 1992, 5. Pen Winery 2009, 6. Peninsula Winery 2009, 7. 2011 Holiday (161), 8. 2011 Holiday (187), 9. 2011 Holiday (188), 10. 2011 Holiday (1149), 11. 2011 Holiday (1151), 12. 2011 Holiday (1150), 13. Sean's 40th birthday, 14. Sean's 40th Dracula and his bride

(School Prom photo got a bit of a headchop - can't fix, so sorry - you'll just have to imagine the Big Hair and the Taffeta)

Out to dinner tonight - got myself a snazzy new dress (love it when it jumps out at you from the rack) and maybe some last minute shoe shopping - some cocktails and a groovy restaurant and then a quick holiday in NZ next week!!!!!
We know how to treat ourselves goood!

Love you babe
Always and forever

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Some organic cotton swans - in my favourtite colour by Laurie Wishburn

Some really nice velveteen and voile - I can see an infinity scarf in their future (tissue box not included). The soft sherberty orange dosn't match the AMH fabric exactly, but I like them I do.

Some (very popular fabric so Spotty girl fabric cutter tells me) bike and dot fabric  - suits DD2 down to the ground and she has nominated a slouchy bag like DD1 made - well, I will, just cos I love you

Some irresistible fabric - I just couldn't - I don't need them, I just Wanted Them!
Backyard Baby range from Hawthorne Threads
The trees are so lovely and the flying seed pods kill me.
I have a soft spot for houndstooth. There, I've said it.

Can you tell I don't want to write my assignment......

Love a knit in Summer

A rather washed out self portrait of me and my new cowl knit
No not made by me (as if!)
but a pre-Christmas prize won by moi!

I had sent emails thanking Pretty Wit for picking my name out of a hat - random choice but still....letting them know that though it is Summer here (ie beach weather for sure!) I would be using it in due course (being Melbourne the fickle little minx she is) but Boy do I need it today!  Rain, hail and a top of 19 degrees - In January!!!
It is so so soft and warm, but not too warm and a most beautiful wheat/caramel/toast colour - I saw a lady looking at it - I sure she wanted it! Ha! All mine (except when my children snipe it from my cupboard and wear it as a hat)

check out other Pretty Witty things here!  and be just a little jealous of my new warm cowly neck? maybe not the wrinkles it hides though. You don't have to be jealous of that, just saying.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

WIPs - this is your year babies!

A cool splash is needed for this hot beginning to 2012 here in Melbourne.
A new look always inspires me to do a little dabbling with the ol' bloggo.
I didn't get terribly far hehehe!

I also haven't got very far with my Medallion Quilt borders
I'm still on No. 3 - Applique.
Need twice as many hexies as I had made.....
though my first 'proper' bit of sewing done for maybe 2 months - striped border and white border left me with an aching back and hamstrings, but boy did I enjoy the hum of my machine...sigh... (sorry...I say proper sewing, as if handsewing the hexies together is choose!)

WIP's for 2012 - no resolutions to be made here EXCEPT sew WIPs and sew from stash!
Thats all I'm saying, peeps, no more!

2011 - Year of the Unfinished:

A little fixing of some bad looking quilting and a binding and then + and x quilt is done!

My Liberty stamps - slowly but surely

I have had this collection of DS's Country Fair for sooooo long - they are destined to become a picnic rug and I pull them out everynow and then, but, then they go back in their little hidy hole and get forgotten

This lives on my stair railing unquilted and unfinished - 2012 is your year buddy!!!


This needs so much doing to it - it's not funny - bad joins, batting, backing, borders?

A Don't Look Now/Sewjourn Retreat project - looking pretty....but that's about it.

Wow - this one really does live under my table, hidden away from prying eyes, but no more it cries!
Please fix up the frightfully awful hand-quilting job done on me and get me sorted!!!

Just another piccie of my (once) baby - just a little tweak here and there is needed...

A newbie on the scene - Basket Case pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew - with my British Blues - gotta get you a photo of them - they really are stunning!

My photos Always have a loose thread!

Just a few pictures that I like - thought I would share.
Those little cockatiels are adorable and a childhood dream on a lid

Study is killing my sewing time at the moment - my back accident put me nearly a month behind schedule and I am a-slaving away to catch up...2 assignments done (but only with an extension and a pretty serious semi-melt down) and 2 to go....silent prayer that words get typed on page....

my eyes are hurting
Chinese takeaway is calling
my tummy is rumbling