Monday, 11 March 2013

Buzzing like a bee

The MMQG's Bee Bold Bee:
MJ's super easy, super simple half circle raw edge applique - 'snickerdoodles!!'

Catherine's super easy, super simple block of red and aqua (I think I've seen that combo around here before....;)

AusMod Bee through Flickr
Jane's not so easy and definititely not simple
paper pieced block.

64 pieces per block people!

Well, once the shock for this one time only paper piecer was over, it did come together relatively easily.  There were quite a few seams of unpicking, a little bit of fudging, the lines don't all line up I'm afraid, hundreds of bias edges may be the reason??

I am glad it is over...BUT I am glad I had to do it!

It has actually inspired me to to do more paper piecing!!!
The next in-my-head project is to make this with Twiddletails' Geese in the Forest pattern.

Who is with me??
We can curse and rip together!!


Jeannette Bruce said...

Oh Bron! I'm so glad that you had to do it as well. Paper piecing only gets easier and more fun from here. I've wanted to do that Geese in the forest pattern for a very long time now. Maybe I will join you and do it too!

Michelle said...

I used to paper piece exclusively, in my miniature quilt days. Haven't done it for years but I've been tempted to try it again. Fascinated by the geese in the forest pattern! Will check it out.

Michelle said...

Oh dear Bron. I've just bought the pattern. What have you done ?!!? I guess I have to say "I'm in!"

Bronwyn said...


Janine said...

i have that pattern ... somewhere??
it must be in that "safe" spot where a lot of my things end up!
i would like to give it a go and if someone else i know is doing it - well then, it would be so much more fun!

Janine said...

yay! i found the safe place!!

carolyndawn said...

mmmmmmmmmm. Guess I could do it as well. Have been wanting to do it, but no enthusiasm. Count me in.