Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Love Liberty

They must have know it was my birthday this week - my name was pulled from hundreds of entries (if not 1000!) into the Amitie Love Liberty Bundle giveaway


How special are these??

Liberty is not for everyone....I understand that, but each and every print is so beautiful, even when plain - I can't explain it; maybe the luxuriousness of the tana lawn cloth just puts you in textile heaven for a moment

These following are photos of more or less my favourites - Amitie is so sneaky - cos now I want yardage of certain ones in particular for a silky shirt, and they have tempted me so!!

This one makes me grin!!!

I am going to need Your Help with choosing what do to with them - I have no idea!!


Janine said...

oh, yes ... let me come and "help" you (insert evil snicker!!!)

congrats you lucky thing! and
happy birthday :)

Simon - aka Bloke said...

Send them to me... I have a project for them...

Anna said...

Now THAT is a BUNDLE! Congrats!

Janine said...

how about something from this book?