Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Buzzy Bee Blocks

AusMod Bee - Kirsten from Gemini Stitches chose May as her month - sending us all the fabulous collecton of Chicopee - 'acidic' comes to mind to describe these fabric colours - not in a negative sense - not at all - but the yellows, greens even oranges and pinks have some kind of quality that makes me think of the sweet tartness of lemons - is that weird???
 We got to make AMH's Feather block again - wow - making them a second time was a breeze! Though bias edges causing warping is a Devil!!

MY month for the Bee was April and I have received The Most Fabulous Blocks!!
I realised that I have a HUGE collection of red and aqua, with quite a bit of teal thrown in as well - it is obviously what I gravitate towards when fabric surfing online and in shops and really, it was getting ridiculous, so this is what I chose for my colour theme (with a little bit of soft orange in for good luck)

I chose the block theme as anything the Bee members liked from the Summer Sampler Series, by Fresh Lemon Quilts  - and some other fave blocks I posted about.  I think that it can be difficult to be given carte blanche on the block that you have to produce - but it also may challenge people to try a block they have been thinking of for awhile, or can give them a needed break by choosing something simple - simple or not, I was happy with what ever was chosen.  Even multiple blocks of the same pattern was not an issue - everyone got a fairly unique package of fabric to choose from.

I have 20 blocks so far - just waiting on 8 more - they are truly Fantastic!!!
It is going to make a huge quilt - but I LOVE huge quilts-  hmmm sashing or no sashing?; mini corner blocks or not?
Once I have them all in, I will give you a proper expo of all the individual blocks and their makers


ARTwendy ... said...

love it all ..... can you bring along the feathers to Woodend for me so I can make a few please?? xo

Danielle said...

Wow they are looking fantastic!! My blocks are in pieces and now ready to assemble. Hopefully tonight if the gods are looking down favourably on me.

Jeannette Bruce said...

I love seeing them together like this! Can't wait until we see them all together!

Jess @ The Elven Garden said...

Oh they look fantastic together! I'm so looking forward to seeing your quilt in it's entirety.

Anna said...

They look fabulous! I vote for sashing - I think that will really show off each of the blocks.

Kirsten said...

All of your Bee blocks look wonderful together Bronwyn - loving the feathers too!

Kylie said...

Love the quiltand the feathers look amazing.(and how cute is your puppy needing to get into the photos)

DappleandGrey said...

This looks beautiful! The red and aqua are gorgeous - one of my fave colour combinations too!