Friday, 17 May 2013

Little blue box

Time And Relative Dimension In Space

Just in case you weren't sure what a TARDIS was...

Wow - a paper pieced block that looks pretty complicated, but no, not really.  After being thrown in the deep end with a PP block for a bee member, I swallowed a bit of water, but started to swim and made it.
 I am getting the hang of PP now - it is not perfect, but just a little bit squew-whiffy - not smelly whiffy but warping in or out of space squewy.
Kinda wibbly-wobbly ;)

DD2 tentatively asked me what it is for....of course I said 'For You!'
DD2 gave me the Biggest Grin!

It makes me grin too.


Cas said...

awesome bronwyn. i could imagine dd2 grin, it brought a grin to my own face :)

DappleandGrey said...

What a great block, Bronwyn! Takes me back to watching reruns on the telly on Channel 2 after school! Thank you for sharing!