Sunday, 18 August 2013

My life in a list

I do like a list - it calms the rampant thoughts in the head

Making : (Just) made K9 paperpiece block then onto simple pretty squares
Cooking : Banana Pash(ionfruit) cake 
Drinking : Lychee martinis - I think I may have had 3 last night....
Reading: Study stuff with a dash of the original Outlander series (while in the loo!)
Wanting: To feel calmness and grace
Looking:  Too much at computer screen and not at people
Playing:  I'm not sure I do play
Wasting: compost scraps in the bin cos I don't want to go out the cold dark scarey compost bin
Sewing: straight lines
Wishing: for TapOut abs
Enjoying: cuddles on a Sunday morning
Waiting: for something
Liking: chocolate coated almond bikkies
Wondering: if I could ever sing like Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard
Loving: the smell of my husband's neck
Hoping:  for clarity and persistance tomorrow
Marvelling: at the joy of my dogs running
Needing: to catch up on some sleep
Smelling: my home grown daffodils
Wearing: cable knit vest
Following: my fb news feed
Noticing: my children becoming young women
Knowing: that I am still loved after all this time
Thinking: of my new job
Feeling: better after some iron tablets
Bookmarking: journal article after journal article
Opening: a box of swiss chocolates that weren't mine
Giggling: at funny sayings on cushions that friends have made

Linking in with Kylie @ Mealy and I and Pip at meetmeatmikes

These series of photos are tooooo cute!!  I like me a bit of dress up!

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