Friday, 30 August 2013

Red is the colour of today's post

Wow Wee - these are my 30 - yes 30!!!  blocks made by very clever and generous members of my Flickr bee AusMod Bee

It was super hard to get a good photo - so you have to excuse the weird and wonderful photography :)

A big cyberhug for all the people who went above and beyond what was asked for - which was everyone, by the way!

Now, what to do???  I think a thin sashing and border is needed, and THEN, how to quilt it?  Simple large quilting all over to not clash with the complexity of the blocks?  Basic crosshatch? Giant loops? Or Individual quilting custom for each block?  I so want to do this justice :)

Cat from Cat & Vee - who, by the way, is a most delightful person, (and has Really Nice stuff in her shop, so everyone has to buy from it, promo over) has chosen Word Block for her month of August for AusMod Bee.  Great Choice!!!  We could choose anything we like...uh oh.....

I am HOOKED!  I bought a book Word Play Woohoo! from her, just cos, and her lovely package of Book, fabric scraps of red and a background fabric of text, PLUS a puppy was very exciting!


Yes, that's right.

You know Whippet Good likes puppies.


Cat is very clever you know.

She has puppies and birds

and foxes and pandas

and cats
and she also now has...

my Word Block!!

Geronimo (if you really can't work it out) is the catchcry of the 11th Doctor Who - a yell of adventure, taking a leap, going into the unknown.  I knew instantly that I wanted to make this word.  Don't know just came into my head and there it stayed, never swaying - of course I had to have an exclaimation mark on the end - wouldn't be right without it.  My Whovian daughter LOVED it and I have promise to make it again - methinks a Word quilt is in the pipeworks!!!

Cat has also just told me that her daughter loves Geronimo Stilton - a fantastic and popular series of primary school-age books about a mouse on adventures!  Score on two accounts!!  I am really looking forward to what everyone else comes up far there is Quilt..and Create...

Image belongs to Cat & Vee - My puppy!!  Pipsqueak (which is actually a pet name of our Pippi - huh? pet name of your pet?? of course...then there is Pip-o-licious, Pipstar, Pippi Longstocking (which is her full name but only gets that on special occasions....)
Screen Printed Pipsqueak Red on Flax Essex Linen Panel

EEEK!!  Hold The Phone...

****Just found a Youtube clip on TOP 10 Catchphrases for 11th Doctor ****

This is so going to get made!!


Julie said...

Wow, you Bee blocks came up amazing. Such a talented and lovely group of ladies.

Jeannette Bruce said...

That looks great! Wow, it has come together very well so far. Also love your bee word. I'm taking forever deciding on my word. Better get hopping on that!

Farm Gate Creations said...

Gorgeous blocks...I love your word block.