Monday, 13 January 2014

Third Drawer Down

I'm being so so so good!  No fabric at all!  I'm looking but not touching..actually I'm not really looking!  A GREAT day at GJs Fabric Store, in Brunswick yesterday, sewing with my MMQG peeps - a great group - positive, friendly, generous, funny, loyal - we have a great year ahead of us, I can feel it in my bones! - BUT I am digressing.....I spent 7 hours in very close proximity of a great quilting store with oodles and oodles of tempting fabric, but I did not even look!  Okay, I had a peek, but I was strong and stayed true to my FA Pledge sisters!!

I have taken some piccies of another part of my fabric collection - vintage linen tea towels!!  I read on a FB site somewhere, someone was amazed that some 20 year olds did not recognise a Tea Towel!!!  What the?  Who would not know what a tea towel was?  There was much spluttering as you could imagine!! hehe!

I love love love collecting vintage linen for the kitchen - the softer it is the better!

The first one is a super favourite - colour, graphic print and softness '8'
Designed by Harvey Lago for Fragonard in Ireland

This one I bought from Liberty, in London - probably cos I just wanted to buy something from the store!  I thought it was fun, using a vintage teatowel 'Australia', with fabric paint design ' rock on tea time, it's cake o'clock' over the top - colour bright, softness '6'

This is also a super favourite - Welsh Language
Colour bright, softness '9'

I have a soft spot for this one as my name is Welsh!

I love this one too - made in Ulster, Ireland (which often are the best!)
It reminded me of a quilt pattern - imagine the applique you could design from this!

Just a little glimpse into what is in my third drawer down - I love to fill it with freshly laundered, smoothly ironed, pieces of textile history - history that I may not know of, but lays there, ready for use all the same :)


pennydog said...

Oh I have some tea towels bought from a vintage shop that I plan to cut up and make into cushions. I also bought one when we were in Toronto that was hideously expensive, but it was a replica of a gorgeous embroidered cushion design which was even more expensive so I figured I'd (eventually) make my own!

BTW I'm still going strong too, I even spent the day in a fabric shop on Saturday!! Still it helped that I got given a charm pack as a belated birthday and an old vintage sheet for quilt backing so I felt like I had come away with some anyway :)

pandchintz said...

How very brave of you to even look! And fancy being IN a fabric store!! Brownie points to you! Gorgeous tea towels.

Farm Gate Creations said...

A lovely collection you have there. Boy you are doing so well by only looking at the fabric.