Thursday, 15 March 2007

Need new ironing cover?

Discovered interesting site called Purl Bee
Ironing cover pattern and instructions!!! I could do that, but then maybe I would have to actually use it - but no, wait, it could just look really pretty leaning against the wall, especially like the idea of the retro Elsie's Kitchen fabric - very domestic!

This site looks fab - lots to read, not sure if the eyelids can stay open long enough. Yet, they do.

Love the button posting - "thing about buttons - you're supposed to use them. Using them does not diminish their beauty. In fact, thebeauty is intensified"

The cameo-like button picture is mesmerising - I want, I want.

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Violet & Rose said...

Hi Bron,
Just reading through your blog. Great stuff. I like the idea of using that clover yo-yo tool for children. Perfect for my 6 yr old budding seamstress. I do use a template for the bunting. It measures 15cm across the top, and the sides measure 21 cm. Hope that makes sense? And that is about as close as it gets to a pattern. Cut them out, join them up, turn them out and sew them up with the binding and the pom-pom trim! Good luck.