Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Happy elephants and cake with tears

SOOO Slack!!!
I have been busy as a bee, finishing my cookies quilt to donate to our school fair silent auction - decided my funky monkey could wait til next year (one less pressure!), lots of aprons big and small, easter baskets, patchwork cushions, yo-yo crazy!!!!
Photos soon!

Check out these gorgeous prints - trains for my nephew who is train obsessed (so why not foster some more obsession, I say ) maybe for a library bag for b/day/christmas/just because, and weally cute elefants!! Orange is not my thing, but I couldn't resist. What I really love is the elephant buttons (with red and blue shoes, yeah!) All of these treats and ribbons etc are from superbuzzy
By the time postage and conversion rate occurs, I've had to take out a second mortgage to pay for these (not really), but I still love them. Love love love the horse/rider/dancer and joy, joy!, dog sniffing flower could be my theme pooch.

Elephant buttons just won't stay out of the shot - I think they know they are ubercute.

Had to add one more shot of the horse and rider and the ballerina - two things I really love.
Daughter No. 1 and I visited local dance shop 'Valentines Dance Wear', Malvern for some new ballet shoes and the stunning tutus hanging up are always lovely to admire - neck ache from looking up at them is common. 'Can I have one for my birthday?' comes the dreaded question - 'Well, yes, let me think about it' - okay, I know I probably can't afford a $200 plus tutu, to dance around the house in, so what about making one? Hmmmmmm! Maybe. Then we could choose our own materials - saw great sparklies at Carmels Fabrics, Mentone, Hmmmmmm! Okay - pattern, searched ebay and found The Classical Collection
Should I or shouldn't I - I do love the idea of making a real tutu, with lots of layers of stiff netting so that it stands out sideways and really beautiful bodice work, beading or applique or something. Still thinking on it. Birthday in November - plenty of time!!! Of course, make one for Daughter No. 2 is a given!!

The smell in my house at the moment is delicious - banana cake cooling in the kitchen, and the aroma goes all the way up the stairs to my study/craft room - yummy, but bitter sweet. This cake is for my neighbours, a young couple who have just had a tragedy in their lives - maybe eating a piece of banana cake with marscapone cream might take their minds off their sadness, just for a minute, maybe not.

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shael said...

Had to come say hello... and I see you have stocked up on Shinzi Katoh trims!! I have a small collection myself... and those cutie elephant buttons are to die for :0)