Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Purples in my garden sans water!

Despite water restrictions and drought in Melbourne, my garden looks greatSalvia Indigo Spires with friend

Plectranthus - small version Mona Lisa loves the shade - great for my shady South facing porch
Salvia - Stunning blue on lime - needs a little bit more water than other salvias, but colour combo is worthwhile!
Not a Purple but definitely worth a picture. Salvia "Hot Lips" Fantastic plant - never, ever gets water and flowers 365 days a year!

Plectranthus (above and below) Great flowers in Autumn, with a luminous glow, especially in the morning light. I literally stuck a piece of this in the ground and it just grew and grew!
Pippi - enjoying the sun
Pippi really enjoying the sun! Can you see the black pipe in the background? That's our lawn watering system hooked up to the washing machine - herbal washing powder and 'grey' water for the garden.
Salvia Mexican Sage - fuzzy flowers - so unique and loves not being watered!!!

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di said...

Your garden looks gorgeous! I am very envious!