Monday, 21 May 2007

Birds to 'coo' over

(Picture courtesy of crochetroo - see link below)
I was just remarking to my hubbie about the plethera of birds in design de jour - when I happen to come across a blog called For The Love of Birds! The steel cut peacocks are gorgeous! I want them! They are from UK site MirrorMirror - also search for the Russian Doll Tea Towels while you are there!- wow, that is a whole nother theme Matroyshka dolls! Remind me to show you some great material I have (my sister has a set of Russian Presidents stacking dolls!) I've got to get a photo of them!

And also the copper earings with a flock of birds below - made by FinandFeather. (Would they be heavy?)

Hubbie is a great lover of birds and has been ever since a child - once breeding hundreds of budgies (Australian native parakeet). He can spot a particular type of bird from a far distance and recognise its markings as it is flying through the air! My eyesight is pretty bad at the best of times so I just sit back and marvel! like I know what I'm talking about! Little things like that continue to impress and amaze me about my hubbie.

Talking of budgies, I bought a crochet pattern to make budgies, from etsy crochetroo- they are soooo cute - see above picture. I couldn't resist. Not sure if this project is beyond me yet, wait and see.

I stumbled onto RubyCrowned Kinglette also - lovely piccies - I can't stop staring at the dogkiss - funny but yuk!

Check out Ann Wood's sweet tweets! I just had to post her pictures here - I really like the wedding toppers (what's with the eye patch?) I could buy a bride and groom right now for my two daughter's wedding cakes (I know, I shouldn't be planning their weddings already, they are only 9 and 7!)

Miss Tilly (above) and a custom order bridal pair (below)
I could stop there, but I won't. Bluebird makes her nest is another charming blog: I love reading her little poem everytime I view her site - no matter what I am thinking, it makes me sit still and remember my two little chicks. I like her title blurb -'general flutterings' is a great description - one I can relate to!

Then there is Simplesparrow, and, who could forget Angry Chicken - love that title! though the chicken never looked angry and now she has gone to the roost ie disappeared! Maybe the sky really did fall?

Tsk Tsk have some simply gorgeous paintings, prints and cards; many with a bird theme. Search her etsy shop! I really like these, to start with:
I must stop there - grocery shopping to do - NO MILK! - I was promptly informed this morning! Matroyska dolls theme post to come!

More added: Joel Dewberry - new designer with 'Aviary' - very cute birds - check out buzzville's photo:

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