Monday, 7 May 2007

More finished quilts - aaaahh so good!


Copied from a picture of Mish Mash quilt pattern (sorry quilt pattern owner!) I used lots of Amy Butler yummies from her Charm range - lots of milk chocolate, minty greens, warm apricot jams, bits of sky blue etc. Pressie for my little sister (she cried when I presented it to her!) best response I've ever had! Now that's what I'm talking about! No really - I love to make things for people and if they like/love it, it really makes me feel good about life, love, relationships, keeping connected.
I love the quilting pattern 'Pop Corn' done in a gorgeous apple green, subtle but fun - thanks Laureen! I made this one bigger than my others to drape across a queen-sized bed, with a wide binding to frame the busy patterns- she had fun trying to pack into her already bulging suitcase when leaving for London - new suitcase needed! I hope she thinks of the warmth and sunshine of a Melbourne autumn, when snuggling underneath. First time I have used a wool blend batting (cotton usually) and the lightness of the quilt was surprising. Enjoyed it immensely!

One more piccie - not finished as such - Pippi's face says it all - Are you still going on this? Yes, I am! Realised that my first art quilt has fundamental flaws in it - no reflection of sunset on the water! Yes, I have refuted physics and the world will stop forever. So, to compensate for this disaster, I shall endeavour to sew freestyle stiches in bright sunset thread radiating out from the sun onto the appropriate water dimensions. Yikes. it may never get done. scary as hell. might stuff it up. already stuffed up. shall sit on its ledge a bit longer.

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Lynn said...

Oh my, those quilts are beautiful! I've been doing block of the month quilts, and I'm in the mood to do something fun and bright. Your sister is so lucky to receive a present like this!! Thanks for visiting my blog... here is the link for the progress bar code.
And here is the link I used for the 3 bar template.

I think I made a "test" blog and played around with it on there. Let me know if I you have any questions... I'll do my best to help! :)