Thursday, 24 May 2007

Finished stuff and unfinished stuff

Firstly, my finished scarf! Photographing myself was really tricky - I know there are those out there who are experienced in this kind of stuff - but I found it really tricky! Just to repeat myself. I like the EYE. My scarf's twirls are not quite even - is this because of difference in tension?

Next, my frames within frames I am quite happy with: Hubbie wants to hang them where everyone can see them - does that include the milkman? Yes we have a milkman 'Aussiefarmers' have a great service of delivering great milk and bread and eggs and other goodies to your doorstep each week. Our only job is that We have to remember to put out the esky! Next is an unfinished project - My lovely daughter's horse quilt - I love the way the colours blend beautifully with her stunning hair. It will get done - up to the basting bit, which I dislike immensely! I really adore the Alexander Henry's abstractly coloured horses and also the way Laurel Birch's Mythical Horses range blended really well with the centre piece. I bought the A.H. piece of materials years ago and waited for the right fabric to appear and they did! My girl chose the Mythical horses fabric from the internet and was (and still is, although excitement level waning the longer it takes Mummy to complete!) really pleased. Think I can get it done by her birthday in November??


Jodie said...

Hi bron , Nice to meet you to !!!
I love that horse quilt ! Spectatcular to say the least.
I pieced my little selvedge quilt onto the white cotton just to keep it all together. If i had continued going selvedge to selvedge i would have lost too much of each selvedges pattern....does that make sense.
I'll be back to visit ...often and i also love all things Etsy -.

Louise said...

Found you via the doll quilt swap blog. Love your daughter's horse quilt and she looks pretty happy with it too. We just had our first Aussie Farmers delivery of fruit and veg and it's fantastic!!