Friday, 20 July 2007

Doll Quilt Up UP and AWAY!

Updated: Due to dummo here typing away VIS (very important secrets) to the world, this is the revised edition!

DQS 2 quilt is flying as I speak (type)! A little bit of tweaking here and there and it was done. Oh the stress of producing a thing for someone else - my one is for ......... So cool to be sending it to someone on the other side of the world! (little slip but that will keep you guessing!) I hope she likes it.

Quilting stitches are very naive and I had no idea how to hide the knots at the back of the quilt - hence a very unpretty quilt back. Someone had suggested if my machine quilting was driving me nuts to try a 2-stranded embroidery floss hand stitch - easy and looks good. I liked it alot, except for the enormous knot it created! What to do? Please forgive all icky sewing and crooked pieces - think of it as more abstract that traditional! Or maybe squint your eyes a little and it will improve! Swap partner likes brights so I hope I have satisfied! (I added a top and bottom border of 'Bohemiam' by Anna Maria Horner as the golden yellows went really well with aqua/orange/strawberry combo.)
Here is my package (with Aboriginal fabrics and a great card designed by daughters School - they made the most amazingly huge mosaic pictures to hang outside on the playground walls) ready to go

Thanks also goes to Lisa and Sarah Day for being fabbo Grand Poohbah Swap Mama and Swap Mama Extraordenaire respectively. I have really enjoyed seeing piccies from lots of others - the variety is really inspiring!

Must show some more craftyness!

Made a footwarmer for Mum for her birthday - followed the instructions from dogged. to the 't' except for the piping, but it turned out far too small. I had to reduce the sides being sewing in dramatically so it has become more of a toe warmer! I don't have big feet; and just as I was giving it to Mum, I noticed a line of quilting I had missed - dammmmmmmmmmmm!

Loving the 'Temple Flowers' combo - never really like the purple/blue fabric, but I can't stop looking at it now! especially with the purple/small print - wow wee. Fuzzy pins at top please ignore - not designed for use with feet!


Lisa K. said...

Ooh, it's lover-ly. What nice colors! I tried hand quilting for the first time, too. Yikes! I'm glad I did it, though.

Thank YOU for joining in the fun of the swap. I appreciate your taking the leap of faith. I know it's tough to gauge some unknown person's interests and likes (and DISlikes), but that's part of the fun.

I realize I didn't get back to you on your too-generous offer of the aboriginal fabric. While I am very grateful for your offer, will you please do me a favor instead of spending on shipping, etc.? I'd love it if you could perform a "random act of kindness" for someone you encounter this weekend. No spending necessary, just something to brighten someone's day. Could be someone you know, but it's particularly fun to help strangers.

Thanks, Bronwyn!

Tamara said...

Great colours and must be hard to part with it. Well done.

Cathy said...

that looks beautiful, Bronwyn. Lucky swap partner.

To hide your knots is to pull them through so that they are inside the quilt. Do a few little running stitches in the batting and then pull the knot thru the fabric and it will lodge in the batting and you won't see it.

It takes a bit of practice but well worth it.

Cathy said...

how did you do your beautifully written label?