Sunday, 2 September 2007

Felt so goooood!

$3.50 Op-Shop Wool Jumper after a thorough hot wash in machine
Collar (inside-out) sewn across
No Collar! Look at the beautiful felting - I love it!
Ta Da!!! Totally reused - old cushion insert, then old cushion cover (with falling off zip!), then enclosed in delicious felty wooly cuteness!
Here's the back

My first go at old jumper = felt = soft cuddly cushion- I was so thrilled I cuddled and (much to hubbie horror) pretended to kiss it all night long!

Close up of toadstool - uber cute - I even amazed myself that I found an old ball of wool which matched the sky colour exactly and blanket stitched the bottom opening closed.

Close up of sheep - uber angry? Maybe they didn't like their 'sheep dip'? (sheep dip typical Australian wool farmer speak)Some more jumpers to transform:

Update: Devo was a hit! We were the best table! 2 full-sized whips were the cherries on the top (friend was a bit cagey as where they came from - lots of ribbing for that HeHe)
Lots of dancing and of course, being a music trivia night - Whip It was played and we went CRAZY!!


Jodie said...

Bron , You should be pleased with that cushion - it is gorgeous. Such a great find. I have wondered about those patterned jumpers, you have inspired me to give one a go. It is really beautiful (but I may pass on kissing it if that is ok).

Annie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the cushion. I am also into felting and am very interested in your results