Friday, 7 September 2007

Colour extravaganza

I getting some pressies I getting some pressies!
A little self-indulgent I know but I am really excited about what is coming to me as we speak: check out the colours of turquoise, ruby, the sunshine yellows. This is my absolute fave; 'Flowers in Sunlight'. I couldn't afford the large canvas print - drat double drat - but Andrew offered me a smaller print size - YES!

I just had to get some of his others too - don't tell hubbie - I have so many things to go on our walls it's not funny but these have pushed their bright and bubbly selves up the queue!


Tamara said...

Such lovely summery colours. What a treat.

Annie said...

I love it! Our walls are pretty full too - just can't help myself - I'll have to check it out on Etsy

Kimberly Jolly said...

That is absolutely beautiful!

mixtapezine said...

bron please email me your postal address re amitie blog vip
justine (justineAT62cherryDOTcom)