Friday, 28 September 2007

Computer says No

Checking out one popular site for Japanesey goodies (Begins with a 's' and ends with a 'y') - they have a sale 20%, 30% and 40% OMG Yes, I'll take that and that, and that too please - go to checkout $25 postage! Okay, I'll reduce my stash, how is that now ooooh down to $21 postage. But hang on, my goods cost less than the postage! Okay realllly reduce my stash, now down to 2 x 0.5 yards of fabric - how much now!!! Still $21 postage for $9 worth of goods OOOH the PAIN! 'Computer says No' (Little Britain reference!)

On a cheerier note, while visiting local Spotlight (I do shiver everytime I venture into this place - the chaos is so scary and staff seem so frazzled!) I did buy some very inexpensive but very Springy fabric for Daughter 2, to make a layer skirt I stopped making my girls clothes a long time ago, but fabric called my name, and so I must have - you know how it is.

Amitie sent me some really lovely fabric for their Blog VIP mailout (checkout their link on sidebar) I can't possibly cut it up, so I think that I will keep it whole and just add some borders and then hand quilt the farm landscape outlines. The colours are really unusual - it has been hard to find the right purple and green combo to blend in, but stash busting I must.

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