Thursday, 24 May 2007

Finished stuff and unfinished stuff

Firstly, my finished scarf! Photographing myself was really tricky - I know there are those out there who are experienced in this kind of stuff - but I found it really tricky! Just to repeat myself. I like the EYE. My scarf's twirls are not quite even - is this because of difference in tension?

Next, my frames within frames I am quite happy with: Hubbie wants to hang them where everyone can see them - does that include the milkman? Yes we have a milkman 'Aussiefarmers' have a great service of delivering great milk and bread and eggs and other goodies to your doorstep each week. Our only job is that We have to remember to put out the esky! Next is an unfinished project - My lovely daughter's horse quilt - I love the way the colours blend beautifully with her stunning hair. It will get done - up to the basting bit, which I dislike immensely! I really adore the Alexander Henry's abstractly coloured horses and also the way Laurel Birch's Mythical Horses range blended really well with the centre piece. I bought the A.H. piece of materials years ago and waited for the right fabric to appear and they did! My girl chose the Mythical horses fabric from the internet and was (and still is, although excitement level waning the longer it takes Mummy to complete!) really pleased. Think I can get it done by her birthday in November??

Monday, 21 May 2007

Smallpeople and smallframes

Whooped-de-dooed when my 'smallpeople' postcards arrived in mail from Marianne at applehead - I am really impressed with her ideas and paper/photo collages and her little quips are priceless! Love the rusty red and slatey blues - great combo!

I have decided to frame them like here - found some delicious William Morris materials to frame within a frame - piccies soon, promise!

Birds to 'coo' over

(Picture courtesy of crochetroo - see link below)
I was just remarking to my hubbie about the plethera of birds in design de jour - when I happen to come across a blog called For The Love of Birds! The steel cut peacocks are gorgeous! I want them! They are from UK site MirrorMirror - also search for the Russian Doll Tea Towels while you are there!- wow, that is a whole nother theme Matroyshka dolls! Remind me to show you some great material I have (my sister has a set of Russian Presidents stacking dolls!) I've got to get a photo of them!

And also the copper earings with a flock of birds below - made by FinandFeather. (Would they be heavy?)

Hubbie is a great lover of birds and has been ever since a child - once breeding hundreds of budgies (Australian native parakeet). He can spot a particular type of bird from a far distance and recognise its markings as it is flying through the air! My eyesight is pretty bad at the best of times so I just sit back and marvel! like I know what I'm talking about! Little things like that continue to impress and amaze me about my hubbie.

Talking of budgies, I bought a crochet pattern to make budgies, from etsy crochetroo- they are soooo cute - see above picture. I couldn't resist. Not sure if this project is beyond me yet, wait and see.

I stumbled onto RubyCrowned Kinglette also - lovely piccies - I can't stop staring at the dogkiss - funny but yuk!

Check out Ann Wood's sweet tweets! I just had to post her pictures here - I really like the wedding toppers (what's with the eye patch?) I could buy a bride and groom right now for my two daughter's wedding cakes (I know, I shouldn't be planning their weddings already, they are only 9 and 7!)

Miss Tilly (above) and a custom order bridal pair (below)
I could stop there, but I won't. Bluebird makes her nest is another charming blog: I love reading her little poem everytime I view her site - no matter what I am thinking, it makes me sit still and remember my two little chicks. I like her title blurb -'general flutterings' is a great description - one I can relate to!

Then there is Simplesparrow, and, who could forget Angry Chicken - love that title! though the chicken never looked angry and now she has gone to the roost ie disappeared! Maybe the sky really did fall?

Tsk Tsk have some simply gorgeous paintings, prints and cards; many with a bird theme. Search her etsy shop! I really like these, to start with:
I must stop there - grocery shopping to do - NO MILK! - I was promptly informed this morning! Matroyska dolls theme post to come!

More added: Joel Dewberry - new designer with 'Aviary' - very cute birds - check out buzzville's photo:

Monday, 7 May 2007

More finished quilts - aaaahh so good!


Copied from a picture of Mish Mash quilt pattern (sorry quilt pattern owner!) I used lots of Amy Butler yummies from her Charm range - lots of milk chocolate, minty greens, warm apricot jams, bits of sky blue etc. Pressie for my little sister (she cried when I presented it to her!) best response I've ever had! Now that's what I'm talking about! No really - I love to make things for people and if they like/love it, it really makes me feel good about life, love, relationships, keeping connected.
I love the quilting pattern 'Pop Corn' done in a gorgeous apple green, subtle but fun - thanks Laureen! I made this one bigger than my others to drape across a queen-sized bed, with a wide binding to frame the busy patterns- she had fun trying to pack into her already bulging suitcase when leaving for London - new suitcase needed! I hope she thinks of the warmth and sunshine of a Melbourne autumn, when snuggling underneath. First time I have used a wool blend batting (cotton usually) and the lightness of the quilt was surprising. Enjoyed it immensely!

One more piccie - not finished as such - Pippi's face says it all - Are you still going on this? Yes, I am! Realised that my first art quilt has fundamental flaws in it - no reflection of sunset on the water! Yes, I have refuted physics and the world will stop forever. So, to compensate for this disaster, I shall endeavour to sew freestyle stiches in bright sunset thread radiating out from the sun onto the appropriate water dimensions. Yikes. it may never get done. scary as hell. might stuff it up. already stuffed up. shall sit on its ledge a bit longer.