Friday, 18 April 2008

Autumn bounty and a sneakypeak

I have been so pleased that people have joined in with my giveaway; I have loved connecting with new crafty blogs, so keep them coming in!

I have also been slack to mention meeting Tamara and Kellie at Amitie's sale the other week; it was a pleasure to have met you both. I felt kind of nervous going up to Kellie and saying 'are you Kellie from don'tlooknow?' then Tamara looked at me and said 'are you Bron?' Yes!!everyone answered!! I hope you are feeling better Tamara and have found some great material for the doona backing, and Kellie; it was a shame we couldn't have had more of a chat, but busy lives kept both of us on the go! It was so great to put a face on lovely bloggy people, hopefully we can meet up again, with more time, and health on our hands!

I wanted to post about our one fruit crop; mini tomatoes. A chance seedling sprung from compost dug into the soil, and voila; an absolute bounty of little red 'moonsquirters'!! The plant itself is exhausted, yet still it battles on, and on, and on. More and more fruits are plucked; this photo represents a small harvest just picked now.

mmmmm roasted baby tomatoes with garlic and basil, tossed through fresh pasta and extra virgin olive oil (Australian of course; we do it well!)

A little sneakypeak at my Minature Quilt for the Booty Swap - I am stoked so far! Must not get ahead of myself though; so much can go wrong!

A quick present for a child's birthday party; Daughter No 2 picked out the material and now wants to learn how to do a yo-yo! She loves the bag - 'so cool Mum, can you make me one too?'


Jodie said...

Isn't it great to hear that from one of your kids.

Tamara said...

It was lovely to meet you too! Still haven't found my voice completely but it is not causing me any bother, except difficulty rousing the troops our the door in the morning!

Norma said...

We have all these little tiny dark green tomatoes on the vine and I am just waiting until they look like and fat and yummy!

Love the yo yo's on the bag......and it looks like someone else does too!