Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Fabo oppe-shoppe finds

Visited Vinnies in Oakleigh, off Warrigal Road; tricky to get to, but oh, what a treasure trove.

I shall start my show and tell with:
a pair of Stunning Italian Leather pumps! Fitting perfectly; they were molded to my feet by little italian cobblers!

Metres of soft printed corduroy; I really think that it may be Liberty - anyone know?

My favourite find of the year: truly I kid you not, but I found a Kaffe Fassett shirt! Excellently made by hand by someone who knew and understood the quality of his material, pattern and colour.

It even came with a Spare Covered Button!

Gorgeously soft and beautifully printed vintage sheet; photo does no justice

MS Shop in Kingsway, Glen Waverley:
Another embroidered toaster cover; how many toasters do I have?
Two facinating Kuglehopf or Bundt molds; sort-of ugly but cute too. I actually saw one in a Antique store in Flinders, speciallising in French antiques, for $40!

( Anyone who loves the 70s era, there was a pair of really true-to-life iconic table lamps - very orange and brown, so ugly they were cool! oh, and also an crockery set with orange/brown pattern. I'm sure someone will love them again.)

I have turned a pretty but naff skirt from local op-shop into a makeshift cushion cover for Retreat Couch (it's becoming rather pink, with oranges and golds, mainly to hide split material on very old handmedown couch)
(Third last post til 100th giveaway - hang in there lurkers!)


Anonymous said...

How do you find these things????? You must have the force with you my friend!

Cass said...

Wow what great finds. Love the top.

Jodie said...

That shirt is soooo good. You must be totally in love with it.

Gina said...

Love what you did with the shirt for a cushion cover! I have a matching pillow slip to your vintage sheet, which I also scored from a Vinnies store :O)

crafty things said...

I recognise the pattern on the sheet - I am certain that I have pillow cases that match sitting in the pillow case pile at our shack!

Louise said...

Wow how good does that shirt look on you - great fit. I have never been to that shop and I don't live far. Good shopping haul!

Annie said...

W O W ! ! ! You did really well. Makes me want to get out there and op shop!

Anonymous said...

How could I not have commented earlier on my op shop jealousy? That shirt - simply superb! My eyes have just changed from blue to green.