Saturday, 12 April 2008

Booty Swap

Miniature Booty Swap here I come! After missing out on DQS 3, by milliseconds, I found Toni's offer for all those (losers! like me) who were too slow to join, to run another one - good on her!

Her blog is the Quilting Pirate, so of course, a 'Booty' swap was created (not booty as in 'behind', but jewels and treasures!) I like it! I think everyone's efforts are a treasure to hold.

I have my swap-ee and am busily reviewing her blog for all detail relating to what she likes (and doesn't like) and basically what kind of minature quilt would suit her. I actually started something and realised that I must start again - I like what I did, but it is not her! That's Okay!

I have come up with my own design using the Forest collection I bought eons ago - piccies to come, promise.

Oh, speaking of promises, I am fully aware of the shirking of my responsibilities to actually post something - I have been quite a bit sad lately, crying at the drop of a hat for the death of someone quite distant to me, which has shaken me up, to say the least. Am I crying for them, his wife, myself, will that happen to our family one day? I never thought I was the 'mourning' type - 'suck it in and get on with it' more like, but lately I have found myself to be in quite a different place. I guess life (and death) does that do you.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you have been sad Bronwyn ... I hope that the cloud clears soon.