Monday, 27 July 2009

pink and black arabesques

Some gorgeous fabric I got from Kelani Fabric Obsession stall at the Craft Fair - boy o boy was that stall doing a rip roaring trade!!! Elissa the owner and her husband helped me out with my purchases - they were lovely and very helpful but oh so busy! I hope they are having some R & R after the show - they needed it!

Ballerinas and french script on pink linen - so delicious! We have to get out the French/English dictionary to translate - it is fun trying to work it out.
This of course is for the Francophile Ballet Dancer in the house

This card is actually a pattern inside for the Mackintosh Rose - great gift for crafty types!

I couldn't resist this pattern also - crochet scarf made with Perle 8 cotton - the sample was so delicate and delectable - I bought the pattern just to say thanks to the seller - I know I can get granny square patterns off the internet - but I felt good paying for this - someone has put time, effort and a great concept into a beautiful product - why not reward that?

The front cover picture depicts the scarf made in some other wool that Perle - it looks too thick - you may be able to see the scarf on the back cover - much finer and just a touch more special. It uses 10 spools of Perle 8 Cotton - off to Amitie for their fabulous range of colours.
More patterns - this time Nikki's pattern that everyone seems to rave about - I haven't had a good chance to sit down and study - but I like the idea of the purse kit - great kids' pressie ideas and the clutch will be lovely to go out to the city with.

I'm feeling rather hungry, so here is a shot of THE most delicious, scrumptious dessert - Chocolate Almond and Date Torte - Super super super easy - really, it's true!

Thanks to Sharon @ Handmaiden for her great list of super desserts - I am such a dessert eater - favorite course for me! I made two - one for a dinner party with lots of 'foodies' and one for Sunday Brunch with family - everyone raved about it, all weekend long and I have had texts from people wanting recipe.


One Flew Over said...

Wasn't the Kelani store FANTASTIC!

Andi said...

Nice haul.
I'm definitely a Kelani girl now.
And that torte looks amazing.
I'll be making that one for sure.
Andi :-)

sewjourn said...

Ha, I bought the same scarf pattern - isn't it gorgeous!

handmaiden said...

glad to hear it was truly a success. I thought the Kelani store was the best there, but I was totally overwhelmed by everything.

Nikki said...

How did I miss that fabric at the Kelani stand??? I was at the stand every day!!

Hope you like the patterns! SOunds like they have a lot to live up to?

Cathy said...

Great to see you got that ballerina fabric, just gorgeous, in fact everything you have shown is gorgeous. I love that scarf on the back cover, can't wait to see that one crochet up! Thanks for the link to the handmaiden recipes too, fabulous! xo

Suse said...

That French ballet script print is to die for! Wow.

Phyllis said...

Hi! I just discovered you through Lullabell.

I love whippets too and will be back again :)