Tuesday, 17 November 2009

My Baby has turned 12!

Wow - I am still kindov in shock - my little ginger fuzzed baby was born 12 years ago - all skinny limbs and blue eyes and that beautiful strawberry blond hair! What on earth was I going to do with you - even though I had you in my mid-twenties (young by women today) - I still felt confident, and unsure; mature and totally helpless; ready and not ready.

You are my first-born, my starter child, the baby that made me fall-in-love with babies, my pride and joy, my daughter.

Oh they grow up so quick - I don't feel that different to 12 years ago; how come you are so different! A young girl who is quickly becoming a young woman, right before our eyes - getting independent, getting cheeky, frustrated and screeching one minute and smiling and remembering to breath the next!

I love that on one hand; she still sleeps with her favourite toy 'Pony' (Her Pride and Joy) which she kisses goodnight and always demands a kiss goodnight from us too (thank goodness!) and then on the other side of girlhood; puts on her jewellery and prances out the door with her friends and all of their matching tote bags, with barely a look back at her poor neglected mother.
She is a most natural dancer - beautiful in ballet - exciting in jazz - rhythmic, musical, flowing, beautiful arm placement and strong pointed feet - just divine to watch.

She is a smart girl - fantastic at maths - it just seems to click with her - creative, imaginative, sensitive, dramatic, shy, confident, rude, polite, loves to dress in white, loves to play with her hair and fashions, tidies her room, plays the flute, bickers with her sister; just a typical girl! And a Red-Haired one at that!!

Gaggle of Girls at a Lazer Fun House!

The Tea Cup Biscuits are always a Hit! (Thanks Darl!)

They were gone in a flash!


Andi said...

She's a beautiful girl. You should be very proud. I can tell you are!!
Next year a teenager!!!
Andi :-)

sewjourn said...

Happy Birthday! Hope the party was lots of fun.

Kelly said...

Aww she is lovely, Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's so beautiful Bron...you made me cry! Missing my lovely nieces very much Jo xo

Cathy said...

What a gorgeous girl and a beautiful tribute to her Bron. Thanks for sharing her with us. (those teacup biscuits are fabulous aren't they?) xo