Saturday, 7 November 2009

Lara's Shining Star

Doesn't this look like a stained glass window? I love the light shining through - idea (stolen) from Cathy's header!!

This is Lara of Thornberry's AroundTheBlock Block: whirling things and pointy thingswere asked for; made with some of the wonderful fabrics in the Katie Jump Rope line (I think) - my ultimate fave is the orange floral! So darn soft and pretty to boot!

Scouring through my pile of (getting out-of-date) craft mags for some inspiration for this block - I needed stars or windmills - struggled a bit to find anything I liked or could do!! You know how it is - when you are making something for someone, it just can't be 'ordinary'. But then, it
can't be so hard that I go cross-eyed and finger sore chewing my nails off to work out how to sew it!!

Until I came across this one in Quilter's Companion - a bit of head spinning with replacing which fabric in pattern to which fabric on table later and voila! I just had to put my favourite 'centre stage'.

I am super happy with it! I hope you are too Lara!

oops - just read the instructions again - and two are asked for - eek - back to drawing board - I think some pinwheels are next!

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Cathy said...

Oh it's a beautiful block Bronwyn, and I love the sun shining through, I'm sure I stole that idea off someone else!!! I love that orange too and it sparkles with the blue and dark brown, I'm sure Lara will love it. (thanks for the link too!) xo