Saturday, 28 November 2009

Wonderland and Waves

Some ziggy zaggs in a forest of Wonderland! ATB block for Lynn of Craftstew in the US - she send us all lots of Momo's Wonderland with the asking of Zig Zags!! - I couldn't cut up this wonderful piece, so I hope she will like it! Ooh those z-z points are tricky! One more to do!

This has pattern has really caught my eye! Made with Tula Pink's Neptune range - I love love the crashing, swirling, randomness of the curves; I can hear the waves now and taste the saltspray!

Pattern and quilt designed and made by Carolina Patchworks - link here!

Damm - wish I had seen that pattern before I cut and sewed my only Neptune fabric , which started as one layer cake, cut into this:

then, I thought - post and rail blocks???
Too boring!

How about this?
Yes, that'll do!


Claire - Matching Pegs said...

Your little zig zags are great - a really nice block.

I too just love Neptune - Tula Pink is very very clever

Lynn said...

Like it? I LOVE it! I really like how you preserved that large piece. I couldn't cut it either!

anne said...

wow you turned rail fence into that, you are very clever, what is the trick.........