Sunday, 30 August 2009

Around the Block we go

I popped this picture in first to show you my restraint in shopping Amitie Sale Day, a while ago - I knew what I needed - 10 spools of Perle thread for my crochet scarf - and because I can't seem to get enough blues, grays, purples in my winter colour diet, these are what I chose! They are so deliciously perle-y! (Please don't expect anything before Winter 2010 hehe!) Of course I did also get some Kaffe fat quarters, (how could I not) but with Mum and Sister waiting in cafe nearby (they couldn't cope with all us Crazy Women!) I had to be quick!!

My completed Chaletgirl Blocks - these are my last- 'tear'.

Lots of bloggy applause is being sent to Sheridan - Swap Host Extraordinaire - so glad I am in her next swap - I thought I was going to miss all her little notes of encouragement with each parcel I received - but hopefully, they will continue (no pressure S.!)

I knew she loved the key lime Kaffe so I had to provide, along with some lovely scraps of 'vintage' Amy Butler.

Just discovered that I stuffed Helen's blocks up - sewed 5 FF blocks when they should be 4FF!! I wondered why I had one little piece left over - but unfortunately, had already posted them off to Sydney! They shall have to come back and I will unpick, resew, and sincere apologies to Helen for having to wait for this numbskull!

Finally, I did mention 'Around the Block' we go - well, this is the start!

This is a new quilting swap project with 16 members who decide on their own block pattern and fabric but get everyone else to make it for them!!

I love the idea and received my first fabrics (a little time ago) from Kate of One Flew Over.
Boy oh boy - cute cute and adorable! Some HR fish and swimmers and turtles and Japanese robots and spacemen and some lovely co-ordinates in blues, oranges, greys - all to be turned into Wonky Log Cabin Blocks.

V. nervous to start with - they were all so preciously someone elses - but it has ended up being so much FUN!

I added the animal print and the grey and blue large dot pieces - I do believe we could add our own co-ordinates and I needed to, to make large enough blocks. I hope they are okay Kate??

I have until Feb 2010 to decide on my own block and fabric - leaning towards some AB Midwest Modern - which I have oodles of, in maybe string block, or triangle block, or wonky? Just don't know!!! Did you check out Helen's Wonky House Block for her ATB - bright fabric too - can't wait to get mine!!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Back in the land of the living

Hello World! I am back walking and talking and coughing and working and coughing and sewing and running and...well you get the gist.

After a severe bout of throatus-most-painfulitis, then head-full-of-chartruese goo, then very very annoying tickle in the throat-must cough- can not stop coughing, which has now given me Very sore-needing to be strapped-ribs, I feel a little better!!

I am actually heading off to my first training session in weeks, despite the cold air playing havoc with my 'tickle' and my ribs having a little yell - and boy, am I ready! I am itching to go - this coming from the slobbiest girl in the world - you may think that's you, but no it's me - really!

After a good couple of weeks with very low sewing mojo - I found it again:

Chaletgirl Block Swap - 2nd last blocks to do

Bianca + Bron

DQS7 - finally started - my partner likes a certain designer/book/quiltmakers (can't say who incase they are listening!), borrowed the book from the library (of course!), found one I could do and whipped this up - not finished, but kinda close. Got to practice some curved piecing - it actually worked!

Got these most delightful prints in the mail from HiddenEloise

Just love love love love them - they have such a lovely ethereal, wintery, gentle look and I am a big fan of teddy bears from way back

This is a bookmark - a freebie! Can never have enough bookmarks!

(Still in its plastic, so shot is a bit strange)

Don't you love a seller who goes all out with their product - this is the envelope!! I could frame this too - maybe not, but it is not going in the recycling!

Biggest achievement for me at this end of The Sickness, is a spur of the moment sewing success!

Had a fave T-shirt - red and offwhite stripes with a large applique navy flower on top corner - started to fray on bottom - so I Cut It Up! Yes it felt good and adventurous and daring! The family were aghast! 4 inch squares, sewn together on the diagonal, gives me this:

Best and quickest and easiest scarf eva! So t-shirty soft and goes with my prodominately grey/navy winter wardrobe. Would love to say that the idea just popped into my tiny brain, but that would be lying - got it from here! Linked from wonderful site here!

I know I am going to lose you when you travel to those sites - but do come back sometime - I cross-my-heart I will be posting more sewing mojo successes!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Bit of a mess

A bit of a hiatus here at Chez Whippet - my apologies to my bloggy friends who may or may not have been checking this site for any updates, and continually finding nada!!

Have not been inspired lately to post anything lately - my crafty world is a little overwhelming for me at the moment - I think I have too many projects and deadlines and unfinished messes all over the shop for me to think straight, let alone sew straight!

I think this photo sums it up!

This is how my hexagon quilt is going, and basically it represents how my craft room looks and feels and subsequently how 'healthy' my dear little blog has been.

I think it is all due to this:

A major event for my kids' school is the annual School Disco and being a class rep for Yr 6, I and 4 other mums have the enviable job of organising it!!

Phew, what a huge job it was - really and truly - big eye opener as to Parents Who Don't EVA read (numerous) School Notices re time/cost/last day of ticket payment; Parents who just drop little Johnny off and don't sign in or out, leaving us the organisers with no idea if little Johnny has been safely taken home; Parents who send along their child with his/her Epi Pen and give NO instruction to anyone incase of emergency....I can go on....

Our theme was Ocean Odyssey - and we were given some fabulous glitter offcuts to go Crazy with - the floor in my workroom is covered in blue and green tinsell!!
I didn't get a photo of the final decos but I made lots of bunting with these pieces and covered lots of huge cardboard shapes of fish, sharks, octopus, whale tails - we had an art-day on a Sunday and painted and stapled and glued our little hearts out! That was so much fun!!

It was a long day - started at 1.30pm to decorate the hall (which we had to step over classes of children the whole 2 hours despite promises that we had the hall all to ourselves!) Finished at 4.00pm, quick home, change in costume - Yes (raided kids dressups)- back at 5.15pm for 6pm start of 1st session, 2nd session finished at 9.30pm, all packed up around 10.30pm.

I am so glad it is over.
I think I got tonsilitis.
I need to go back to bed.