Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Some red jewels..

Some tree bark after the rain

 A vintage Italian silk dress conversion....but the icky white buttons MUST go....

 Some red jewelled buttons discovered at the Camberwell Market, where else but at the Button Lady's stall! She picked these out for me and were the Per-Fect match!

Buttons sewn on, while relaxing outside on a Sunday arvo, listening to the garden sounds and the kitchen sounds of children baking...

Sorry - Banana cake all gone!!

Retro tin from op-shop, in my secret fave op-shop district - can't tell you - may have to maim you if I do)
If you really want to know, just ask hehe!

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Mel said...

I am a fellow whippet owner (except I have two) so i please divulge the whereabouts of said op shops. I am in Balwyn so i feel they are closeish.