Thursday, 6 January 2011

2011 and running...

2011 Whippet Good - a little bit of Sunshine-y Goodness 

BUT going back a bit....

Christmas - over and done with...memories of

multiple family meals with lots of roast potatoes and plum pudding, silly hats and huge smiles!,
Nigella's Chocolate Christmas Cake made a week before Christmas, but had to be sampled to check if okay...yes okay, if a little overcooked...sampled over quite a few days...none left for Christmas Day (surprise!!)
pressies given and received,
bottles of empty wine clinking together,
shortbread biscuits nibbled on,
gingerbread house demolished,
lazy mornings, middays, afternoons and nights,
lots of Dr Who episodes and a spinoff Sarah Jane Adventures,

New Year - memories of....

BBQ's and bubbly,
catchups with neighbours,
sleepovers with friends in country - rode a quad-bike and made lots of dust clouds!
mountain climbs and rainforest skywalks,
visited all the 'dead animals' in the museum,
now....back to work...but only for a day - Yay!

Have joined in with Angela of Cut toPieces and her very controlled Fabric Diet Challenge - boy have I put on some fabric weight in 2010 - okay - so damm hard with a good Aussie dollar right now!!!!!

Okay - I blew it almost instantly cos I forgot - had to get some of Badskirt Amy's last FFA linen - just had to, okay???

Now - I am stopping.  Really.  It's only for two months.

hmmm does that mean I will be off it when I go to SIT in Sydney??  YES!!!

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Amy@ Flowerflame said...

Lol, I'm doing (or should I say attempting) the fabric diet as well and yes, I have to say I'm awfully glad it doesn't extend into March! I was lucky & got my fabric fix the day before I signed up....I had to have a little something to keep me going, didn't I? Hehehe...