Friday, 7 January 2011

Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild

Need a break from the kidlets this weekend?  So many parents came into the library yesterday, looking just a little bit exhausted, frazzled, sharp, maybe desperate???  School hols can be a blessing and a curse!!

Tomorrow (Sat 8th) is the first date that Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild is getting together for 2011!

This year there will be two permanent spots to come and meet other Modern Quilting fans: Ashburton Library and South Melbourne Community Centre - once a month Sat or Sun

A Sit and Sew Day - A WHOLE DAY (from 10 - 5.00) could be yours, to relax, sew, chat, eat, read or sleep (if that is what you need - we won't mind - we will put you in a corner with some lovely quilts to snuggle under hehe)

Here are the details for registration (sounds all very formal, but it is just to get an idea of numbers)

I'm going to the Ashburton Library - I have told the family - that day is MINE ALL MINE - Wriggling in my seat!!!


Margaret @ Konstant Kaos said...

If I didn't have my Mother-in-law's Birthday party to go to, I would be there! Maybe next month.

Kirsty said...

Look forward to meeting you

Helene said...

Can't wait till tomorrow! Woohoo! 7 hours in airconditioned heaven!